About Me


Well, when I’m not recycling months’ old photos, I’m pretty sure you can find me drinking coffee or tea that’s just not good for me.

I have problems with saying no to coffee and tea and am bad at taking photos and usually making weird faces than smiling in photos. I also have the bad habit of shamelessly screenshot-ing photos of me and not even bothering to crop them nicely (case in point here) but just think of it as me giving my friend credit.

On that note, I have absolutely no idea what “being an adult” means. I not so secretly think that it’s just some label attached to people of a certain age that we can use as an excuse to judge.

I’m kidding. Partially. I mean I fully accept that I’m an adult now or young adult. Whatever the proper term is here for being 22. I feel like once the leading number in my age is a “2”, there are loads of societal expectations upon what it means to be in my/your twenties. Anyway I’ve survived 1.5 years of being twenty-ish and I still bumble along and I suspect I will continue to do so till the day I die. *shrugs

I might not necessarily be doing this all right but I suppose it’s more fun going on an adventure and figuring things out for myself. Though I don’t really know what it entails and here I document things I find out. More not than often really because who has all the excess time to blog for free now? (me actually.)