DUR: Boat Noodle Brunei.

(DUR = Dal’s Unprofessional Review; a very unprofessional take on it)

One of Brunei’s relatively new “kid” in town is the Boat Noodle franchise. I first heard about it when my brother told us that he and a few of his friends were going to support his friend in the opening of his store. My brother came home and I asked him how it went and the conversation went something like this:

“So how was it?”

“It was really small; portion wise.”


“And I really went in with the expectation that the noodles would be served in a boat. So that’s on me I guess.”

So I really had little to no expectations going in. I don’t know much about the mechanics of boat noodles but I just know that it’s small portion of noodles with some sort of sauce. When I saw the photo(s), I honestly thought “oooo. kolo mee!“. Anyway, to make ordering easier, I had one of each.

The choices were 2 different kinds of noodles. 2 different kinds of sauces and 2 different kinds of meat (beef or chicken). So one of each would = 8 bowls. Trust me. One small bowl only has about one tablespoon+ of noodles in there. The stack of bowls you see below is not entirely made from the bowls of noodles I have eaten. My friend decided to stack onto mine too.

Anyway when the food came, there was no space and the problem was that there were more bowls coming. My friend also ordered 8 for himself so we had a total of 16 bowls.


Then when we finished the batch that first came (the beef batch), the waitress came and took away the bowls and then replaced them with the chicken ones. Except, the second batch had more bowls than the first one (my friend ordered more chicken ones than beef) until two of the bowls had to be stacked. Our neighbour suddenly spoke up and said “wah! How many bowls did the two of you order? I just saw the waitress clearing your table and then now there’s more bowls!“. My friend promptly replied “it’s all hers!“.

NOT TRUE! CONFESS TO THE LIES! (my sister says I’ve been watching too much Elementary)


All in all, it was an experience to remember because I don’t think I’ve ever interacted so much with anyone sitting at the table beside me. The boyfriend of the lady who commented on our numerous bowls failed to shazam the song that was playing so my friend helped him out. But as my friend and I were at the cashier and a waitress came to clear up our table, the lady and the waitress had another conversation about the number of bowls we ordered. I hope she remembers me and tells of my story to her friends and family.

Conversely, I am not a food critic. I don’t know how to critique food. To me it’s just always been “nice” or “not nice”. Pretty simple. If I want to take it a step further it would be “Is this craving food?”. That’s all really. So on that night, the taste of the noodles (and the temperature which it was served) was a miss for me. Maybe another time when I’m craving, my decision would not be the same. For now, it was a miss. But service was prompt and good and even their pencils for writing down your orders were nice and sharp. I just didn’t like being yelled at when we were welcomed and when we were leaving.

That’s all.

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