romanticising procrastination.


I’ve always been one of those who daydreams of productivity and maybe working/studying latimg_4414e into the night and still managing to wake up the next day – all bright eyed and cheerful after that cup of coffee. But alas, that’s not me in real life. Not at the moment actually.

So there I was, trying to do my assignment due the next day (or rather the same day; it was 2:08am) and just basically reaping the fruits of my procrastination, all my “tomorrow, I’ll figure it out tomorrow”s. It’s quite shit actually and then I started thinking why in the world do we romanticise procrastination.Well, I don’t think it’s actually romanticising per se but if there are so many posts about “have loads of work to do so I’m going to nap” and a lot of other sadly relatable posts on the internet then isn’t it in a way romanticising it? We’re relating to it and making it okay. Gladly retweeting and reblogging but never really doing anything about it. Holding it up to an acceptable standard.

Just my two-cents.

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