I turned 22 years old yesterday. *cue confetti

At some level for me, it was about the fanfare and/or the Instagram-i-bility of it all. The more the merrier. Quantity. Quantity. Quantity. The more friends and attention means more love right? It had to be that. I felt like a social cause. The more social media attention the better as well. Let’s all raise awareness for my birthday.

But this year, my birthday was different from the others. Not just because I’m an adult now; no I don’t believe that this shift in mindset came overnight and came just because my physical age turned 22. I believe it was through the moulding and conditioning over the years (especially in my 21st year) that allowed me to arrive here with this new mindset. It’s cliche I know to think “quality over quantity” but that was it this year. It really didn’t matter that my course mates didn’t greet me in the group chat nor the fact that there was almost zero mention on social media about this. It mattered that the people I love and who loves me back were with me in the day. They were there before my birthday. During my birthday and after my birthday more than happy to celebrate me over and over again.

It’s these people that I have poured so much of my life into and who has done the same that our lives are now intertwined with no going back. Like yarn so tangled together no one bothers to separate anymore. Jesse McCartney captured what I wanted on my birthday in the best (and catchiest) way. “I want you and your beautiful soul“. It wasn’t all the things money could buy but it was just celebrating me and celebrating us. It was all the personalised heartfelt messages I received that I carry with me (and an email) in my heart that reminds me that I’m not alone and as much as I’m on their team, they’re on mine too.

I appreciate the cakes, the meals, the presents but more than that it was that they made time to be with me. I cannot ever really truly put my feelings into words and even then it would be inadequate but I do sincerely cherish each and every one of them and I thank God that my 22nd was a truly wonderful birthday.

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