Schlumberger Run 2016

Contrary to how it may seem in the title, it’s not an annual thing. It was one of those “hey our 80th anniversary is coming up, let’s hold a charity run to commemorate it” thing. I think.

Anyway, that’s not the important bit. So there I was in KB at my friend’s place so that I wouldn’t have to leave home at 4am the next day to get to Seria by 5:30. (The roads are scary at night and I have an overly active imagination. Plus the radio station doesn’t play nice songs at that time of the day). We were all on that “let’s sleep early because we have to wake up early” mindset until Dibah decided that it was perfect time to vacuum at 11 o’clock at night. Oh boy.

Nevertheless, we all woke up and managed to make it in time for the Zumba bit which we didn’t do at all because it seemed like one of those classes for how to dance seductively in clubs. Furthermore, in the 8km group, everyone seemed serious with their strap on water bottles, running watch and shoes. It was very intimidating and I remembered wondering what I was doing there.

….Zumba ended (thankfully so) and the air horn sounded and off we went. I kept telling myself “c’mon Dal. This is what you have been training for” and whatever stupid mantras one has read like “pain is weakness leaving the body” and ya di ya da. I managed to run the first 1.2km without stopping and when I stopped, I instantly regretted because uhmmm hello, the burn seemed more intense on my calves. Regrets for real. At moments where I walked and I see a water tent up front or a traffic police (to stop the cars and make sure we don’t die), I would run because sometimes have to pretend to look nice only then stop when I think they’re not looking.

As weird as it may sound, that made me run more than I normally would push myself to because there were traffic police everywhere. But towards the end, I couldn’t be bothered anymore. I also finished ahead of my running “friends” (word used lightly because I’m a creeper) that I tagged during the course of the run. One of the ladies (three of them in total), I’ve seen her before when I was training at the stadium and I FOUND HER TODAY GUYS! at church! ⛪️ Unfortunately we didn’t strike up a friendship then and there ☹️

Overall, the run was good. I managed to finish in under 1 hour and I also learned to go to the toilet prior to leaving the house for a run because I held it in the entire run and it was unpleasant. Also I definitely learned that I would like to run with the sun behind me as opposed to it being in front of me because it was hot and the heat was prickly and so it became a game of hide and seek for me.

(not even sorry for the blurry pics from my friends because sweat guys. sweat (on the phone screen or the arm strap thingy.)

So minus the fact that we were given bottles of water at the water stop and the fact that littering became acceptable and the people who played music out loud from their phone speakers, it was a good experience. Also we learned that people are savages and they cut queue and that if we want to have a better chance at winning the lucky draw prizes, we gotta be in either the 3km or the 5km category because all except one draw winner were from there. We live and we learn guys.

Speaking of learning, I learned that eating roti pisang 🍌 at Iskandar’s for lunch after all that was a big mistake but my little overly attached bobble head was there to annoy me with her ice crunching so it all evened out.



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