So we all do this. We click on links, we press that tagged IG user and sometimes we stumble upon hidden gems from the other side of the planet. Which was what happened to me when I pressed on the tagged user on Alex G’s post and voila I came across Torri Horness (and her page) – the well of beautifully worded poems (?) that have more than once spoken to me in whatever situation it was that I found myself in.

Whoever you may be, whatever you are going through, I am convicted beyond a shadow of doubt that you must follow her account: notesontheway

And if you are able to, get a physical copy of your favourite poem from her Etsy shop. It’s definitely better than having a screenshot of it in your phone (which is still quite snazzy if you’re living the dependent-must-budget-everything-uni-student-life like I am)

Just wanted to share with you my favourite words-related account. (Oh gosh I could have done a better job on the description but instead the best my brain can come up with with words-related ☹️)

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