life with so little photos.

Again we have the cheat updates. Just throwing em all out there. As of right now, there’s actually a fly buzzing around my room and it’s annoying me a lot but I also couldn’t be bothered. I thought I’d just let it die of suffocation but that doesn’t seem possible since even I’m not suffocating.

Pictures 1 & 2. (two stacked photos on the top left)

I was at Jing Chew with Bazilah and Dibah and during our conversation, they asked if I wanted to join them for this “sort of Amazing Race thing“. Since I had nothing going on that day, I said yes (while eating my very unhealthy plate of kuey tiaw and buns). I later found out that it was the NutriFIT Quest.

We were most definitely under prepared because all the other teams were like buff or had at least one buff member and definitely did not look like us. They all also had guys. But you know, as per usual, we just kind of winged it. Our team’s name was Diet-inda-menjadi (loosely translated to: Diet never happened/successful). Couldn’t have been more aptly named. In the end, we got 4th place🏅 (yes that’s right. Shameless medal for us). Surprise surprise right? 🎉 Oh and flour tastes absolutely disgusting. So disgusting and a whole gunk of flour was stuck to the inside-facing parts of my teeth. Eugh.

Picture 3

Diin and Chynna! Met up with them for our monthly meet up. Well we try to make it monthly if and when our schedule permits though we freely admit that we are glad to spend the night in just Netflix-ing. But we rest confident in the fact that we all love each other dearly. In the course of the 3 hour-ish meet up, we solidified the fact that Diin will always be (almost if not more than an hour late) and that we are tired by 9pm. But these are friendships that I’d give up 30 minutes of sleep for.

Now that I’m 21, when I look back on my life, I find that I don’t actually have a lot of friendships that I can or want to bring forward in my life. Most of my friendships (if you can call them that) are rubbish and though I don’t wish anything bad upon them, I just think that I’m better off without them. (If you must know, I am was a pushover but I’m working on it). So what little friendships I have brought over into my adult life, I do cherish them fiercely.

Picture 4, 5 & 6

Had breakfast with Jan. Went to the park with Jan. Played Jenga with Jan. T’was a Jan filled Saturday. Also joined the club and got myself a Boost juice. It was okay. Not life-changing. Sarita wouldn’t be pleased. Oh and Jan never played Jenga before?! AND he’s existed for 23/24 years. 😱 But thought the photo was taken from a good angle and though it made my head look egg-shaped, it makes me look not-as-chubby.

My panda plant 🐼🌱 grew! I have no idea what they are though. Looks like mini tauge (beansprouts) to me. I really prayed for the plants to grow because I wanted them to grow but the set came with these tiny stones? And tinier seeds? And a piece of string? So you might understand my anxiety. I remember the first time Bot tried to describe the panda plant set to me but I really couldn’t understand it. “It’s really cute babe” says the one who absolutely hates gardening. No relevance here I suppose but he was true to his word 😂. He sorta gardened with me (by getting me this cute set so I HAD to grow it).

Bazilah said that in my snap I look smaller and that she has to bring me out to eat to fatten me back up. Yep. That’s the face of the girl that constantly encourages me to eat. I love her to bits though. Just not so much the life-philosophy of complete self love where I just eat and eat and eat because big girl, you are still beautiful.

Oh and for the record, I did not lose weight. I mean I did then I gained it all back in a week of binge eating my feelings. 🙂🙃

till then Peter Pan!

(and maybe till I learn to take more photos).

[ u p d a t e ]

I think the fly died (or is currently dying). The buzzing has stopped.

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