#eatlikeAngel week


This semester, we have our “Supervised Work Experience” (SWE). The non-fancy term would be work attachment or work placement. I got placed with this girl named Angelyana. Angel for short. She eats really slowly. I’d be done with my noodles and sausage and nuggets and she’d just be halfway into her noodles and barely touched her sausage or nuggets. So one day I thought, “alright. let’s try eating like Angel for a week (read: 5 days). Maybe that’s the secret to weight loss and will aid in eating properly”.

So I set the rules out for myself:

To eat like Angel would mean to:

  1. Chew more before swallowing
  2. Stop eating after I feel full

It was more difficult that I thought it was. First day was almost agonising. However I was surprised at how little I needed to eat before being full. I couldn’t even finish a croissant! I sliced the croissant in half to heat it up and I could barely finish it. So I had some again at 10am. And even then the croissant wasn’t finished! Crazy!

For lunch, I couldn’t finish a bowl of noodle soup. After ingesting 1/3 of the noodle soup, I was starting to feel full but continued eating anyway because I thought to myself “I’m going to run later on. Better fuel up.” At the halfway point, I gave up. I stopped eating and by then I was already forcing myself to eat.

As the days passed, I still found it difficult to control my greed. It didn’t really get that much easier but a little progress is some progress right?

At the end of the 5 days, I learned that I’ve been overfeeding myself and that I actually need only a portion of what I’ve been eating all this while. I also found out that Angel actually can eat more than I can. I’m just greedier with less self-control.

But looking back upon how much I’ve managed to control myself over the past 5 days does encourage me. It showed me that I can do this. I can in fact control my food and hopefully this will bleed over into making good food choices on a daily basis. I do find myself making wiser food choices and studying the food labels and their nutritional values more because I can only eat so much so I gotta eat the best. I think that’s a good mindset.

Of course upon typing this out, I’m just a day away from being able to eat my “cheat meal” and so there is comfort in that. But when Monday comes, I’m most probably going to agonise over it all once again. But it gets easier I’m sure.

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