Day 8 & 9: t’was good then it wasn’t.


What can I say for myself? Nothing really.

Day 8

Today was a particularly good day. Sure I went to work bearing 2 small packets of Ruffles and 2 small ones of Lays and a 6-pack of *mumbles* low-fat milk (eugh.) Did I eat them? No. Of course not. I ate accordingly: had half a bowl of Asam Laksa (the instant kind unfortunately) for lunch and I did well -food wise. I even managed to not eat despite miss and Angel eating and though I had some Malteasers, I only had 4 pieces max.

Also today was the start of #eatlikeAngel week (read: 5 days) since she eats so slowly and so little it seems. So I thought I’d try it out. More on that some other time.

Ran my fastest 1km yet (about 7minutes plus) and so that’s good considering when I started out, I could barely run 400m. However, my triumphant feeling didn’t last very long as I felt I wasn’t good enough after seeing people who are running so effortlessly. I had to remind myself that it’s all about the baby steps. I think that it’s very important for me to feel proud of me.

Then I went home and did some Pilates (I’m currently following the beginner’s calendar 2.0 as I have to be gentle on my body and slowly build me up).

This is the drawer beside me at work. Felt really good saying no to all that. Yes. Good job Dal.

T’was a good day overall.
Day 9

Today just was an absolute bust.

I just went crazy. I had a packet of Ruffles (you may or may not hear me indignantly exclaiming: “BUT IT WAS A SMALL ONE!”) and then another one of Lays when Miss, Angel and I went walking around the deserted compound.


Had more than a handful of Malteasers too.

no Dal don’t

In my shame, I had to label my food^.

Oh it’s so painful recollecting all of that. Let’s just forget this day even happened.

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