Day 7: Hallelujah!

because can-eat-whatever-I-want day.

Not that I’ve been really strict with my diet as you can also tell from my previous posts. Have I even been on a diet? No. Not really. But I ate well nevertheless. (Read: ate whatever I wanted)

Oh gosh. I consumed so much sugar but no regrets though. Not really. Just a tinsy bit maybe; especially with the way my jeans fitted on me.

Then I realised: since I do cheat days so well, I need to also do diet days really well.

Though I don’t really like the term cheat day. You’re not “cheating”. It’s just part of the whole lifestyle. But like any self respecting person would do, I went onto Google to help me find out whether having a quote-unquote cheat day would be beneficial to me and my health (whether in the long run or short).

In conclusion upon reading all of that, I think that it’s not wrong nor is it a bad thing. Just as long as I remember it’s a cheat meal and not a cheat day (or week or life). Hardeharhar.

Till then!


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