Day 1: it sucks

Being on a diet sucks. If you’re anything like my mom, you probably thought of fad diets when you read the word “diet”. Trust me it’s not that. I don’t have enough self control or discipline for that. Also I can’t maintain that sort of lifestyle. Do I really want to be miserable for the rest of my life? I don’t think so.

Well, I’ve started this whole healthy eating and exercising before but I’ve always stopped at some point because you know lazy or don’t want to commit or sometimes it’s legit health reasons. But I recently signed myself up for the Schlumberger Charity Run. I signed up for the 8km run because somehow running 5km or walking 3km just didn’t seem “acceptable” after my previous 10km run (though I’m sure I walked more than I ran).

But I thought, let this run be different. Let me actually train for a run. Let me try to do this right and the first day was bad. *cue tears. I’m not on a strict diet per se but I try not to eat unhealthy food or have additional sugar (unless it’s already in my food). Well I woke up bright and early (or maybe groggy and early) and popped the chicken breast into the oven and showered and stuff.

Had banana fritters and a small wholemeal bun for breakfast. I know banana fritters aren’t healthy because it’s fried but again, not on a strict diet. I try not to put so many restrictions on myself in any aspect of my life especially when I’m starting some sort of lifestyle change because it’s just honestly demotivating. Furthermore, not having an accountability buddy just forces me to be more disciplined (and it sucks).

For lunch, I had said chicken breast and an egg and another wholemeal bun – I forgot about my fruit and veggies. So close to having a balanced meal. I’m not afraid to eat a big meal for lunch if I know I’m going to burn it later. So everything was going well though I just wanted to quit already. But I always quit so I thought, let’s see what happens when I don’t.

After lunch, we went to HQ to sort through some documents and they got us roti kawin. Oh gosh. Everyone was all “come on Dal. You’re gonna burn it off”. But see it’s additional things I have to burn off and it’s just going to make me lethargic and give me some unpleasant feelings. Made it through. Went to the park. Ran some and then walked some and ran some more.

Everything went well that day. Dinner was also good.

Then I went to watch a movie with my friend and my post-movie meal was McDonald’s. Eugh so close. In my defense….I actually have none. But so close. But it’s okay. I have to learn to stop replaying my failures and to move on after learning from them. Well, I’ll try again. Just a small setback. But I did good. I’m going to believe I did good.

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