First of all, I didn’t know that this is the second time this movie has been made.

Ben-Hur Sr. (1959)

Ben-Hur Jr. (2016)

“I WATCHED BEN-HUR LAST NIGHT!” I triumphantly announced upon arriving at work. Unfortunately for me, my colleagues have not heard of Ben-Hur because all (read: three) of them responded with “WHAT?”. Eugh. So much for my triumphant announcement.

But my friend initially wanted to watch Sully but since I’ve watched it before, we decided on Ben-Hur. I don’t think I can really be a movie critic. I seem unable to take a movie apart and then comment on it. I’d honestly give it 7/10. Again, I just judge a movie based on how entertained I am and how confused I am after the movie.

I wasn’t bored throughout the movie nor was I too confused. I have some questions though. But it’s not a difficult movie to watch. Unless there’s some underlying message, I think that it’s pretty straightforward. (I’m also not good at the whole underlying message thing that’s why I think breaking bad is bad. But then again, that’s a story for another time).


Though I don’t feel bad for not being able to sound like I actually like movies. I mean what are the criteria that I have to fulfill to become a “movie critic”. Gosh, I just fear that I’ll sound like a pretentious arse.

Anyway this is what I think of the movie. Kinda like a kid with my either “I like it” or “I don’t like it“.

Ah well.

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