that weekend that I washed my car.

I’m not new to the whole “owning a car and having to be responsible for it” thing. I mean I don’t own it per se but my parents got me the car so I could drive to school and to my work attachment and to run the odd errand for them. *shrugs. I’m quite spoiled I know.

But see on one hand, I am lazy person. On the other, I can’t take it when things are dirty. Most of the time, I want a quick and instant solution which unfortunately is either too drastic (e.g. burning down my room instead of cleaning it) or it just probably doesn’t exist. The car I used to drive is of a greenish-silvery colour – good luck imagining that – and so I can get away with washing it every two weeks most of the time. One month if I really wanna push it. But it gets me frustrated. A dirty car I mean. It fills me with even more dread when I have to actually clean the inside – vacuum and wipe and all.

So most of me was glad when my brother took over the car and I consoled my now dependent self by saying that I no longer have to wash a car or worry about the servicing and filling in petrol and such. It was really bliss. Plus I get to sleep on the way to work. Internal party please.

*cue dramatic music*

Then my parents got me a car. I’m going to sound like an ungrateful child but all I could think of was “oh no. Money has to be put into the Petrol fund.” Clearly I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. I am happy to have the car but at the same time, I don’t want the responsibility that comes with owning the car. (“owning” used lightly).

This time my parents got me a white coloured car.







*sigh. It just doesn’t get any easier for me does it.

So this time I can’t get away with washing the car only every two weeks. I have to wash it every Saturday. It starts to get dirty by Tuesday. Wednesday if I’m lucky. I mean what were my parents thinking? Is this their way of getting me to be more responsible? If so, then it’s working but I’m not a happy person about this. Hah. Also, I’m kind of a cheapskate so I don’t want to pay money for things that I can actually do by myself. I.e. washing the car.

So there I was. Saturday. Ready to wash my car. And washed it I did. I put in all that effort and then as I turned off the tap and was ready to wipe my car dry, I realised my car is speckled black. *groans. My neighbour started burning their trash at about the same time I started washing my car and the wind blew all the ashes and it got stuck onto my wet car.

At this point I wish I could say that I re-washed my car with enthusiasm. But I actually gave up. I didn’t even wipe the car cuz it would smudge (and my neighbour was still burning. *blergh).

At the end, I brought it to the car wash the next day. Shelled out $8.00 for the inside+outside cleaning.

Saturday is two days away. We’ll see what happens when I wash my car again.

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