the popularisation of “psycho girls”

Seriously. I don’t get it at all. I don’t even think I can pinpoint a specific time in the past where it was “cool” to be a “psychotic girlfriend”. It just happened and I’m here left wondering the why?s and how?s. It’s crazy really (no pun intended).

I mean there are posts on Twitter and Instagram about girls getting mad when someone looks at their boyfriend and they just go ballistic. I admit I thought these posts were funny at first….

…. and then they weren’t.

But the question(s) remains: when did it become okay to be crazy? To act out on every whim and fancy and minute emotion and not processing it and accessing the situation first? And when did it become a requirement for the(ir) boyfriends to have to put up with it?

Why would you purposely make yourself difficult and expect your boyfriend to put up with it? But you’re not willing to put up with it if your boyfriend does the same thing? I don’t understand it at all. 

Or maybe it’s sort of a “you know nothing Jon Snow” moment for me here where I know nothing. *shrugs. 

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