maybe once or twice a month.

The title has nothing to do with the contents of this post. I am fairly certain of it. It’s just that 7 years keeps playing in my head and I don’t want to listen to it. But research into this (apparently known as earworms ?) is fairly interesting. One article suggesting solving some anagrams or doing sudoku. *shrugs. I’m not about to get into that right now. Solving anagrams or doing sudoku I mean.

My emotional health has just been fluctuating but I’m trying really hard to just focus on the good and allowing myself to feel the bad when I’m alone. It sounds unhealthy I know, but it works for me. Now when I say “allowing myself to feel the bad when I’m alone”, I don’t mean that I’m having a pity party by myself. It’s just sort of accepting that okay I’m feeling a certain way now and telling myself that it’s okay. Then I either fall asleep or I do some reading. Basically just doing things I feel like. Most of the time I would like to journal but due to my neck’s condition, it’s quite difficult for me to look down for longer than 5 minutes. It’s a bit of a hassle and a bit extreme but this is because I’m having my adjustments every other day instead of just twice a week as per usual and starting my spine correcting exercises way before people usually do – as my treatment has to be accelerated.

Been trying to sell things that I don’t use but still are in brand new or good condition on Carousell. Hopefully (and honestly, prayerfully so), I can sell everything by 28th this month before I go home.

More when I’m home I suppose. Or rather maybe a better content when the coffee around me isn’t absolute shit. 3-in-1 coffee just isn’t for me. 2-in-1 is still bearable but give me brewed coffee any day.

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