I’ve been in Singapore for about 3 days now. Well today’s the fourth and I’m just honestly wishing the hours away. It’s been a mixture of dread, partial excitement and loneliness. Not a great combination of emotions really but such is what I’m feeling. Coupled with the soreness of my spinal cord. So it’s an absolute party here.

I also take really bad photographs so I’m not really utilising my iPhone camera because I’ve seen the photos taken with an iPhone 6 and it’s amazing. So mine is way below sub-par. The plane ride was not too bad except this time my parents got me a meal set for the plane and I sat next to this Muslim aunty and I felt so bad for eating but I know they can take it. I just still feel bad nevertheless. Had some really salty tandoori chicken wrap. Absolute rubbish.

There was also a really noisy yell-y kid in front of me. No surprises that he’s a Chinese kid. However, after getting picked up, went and got myself some yuan yang (though I really think it’s just yin yang – like you know the swirly black and white Chinese thing but Singaporeans gotta be fancy.) which is just tea and coffee mixed together. The ultimate caffeine experience I think.


In my (not very humble) opinion, it beats Starbucks for me. So if I could, I’d get this all the time. But then it’s not very healthy because a lot of sweetened condensed milk goes into it but I suppose the ice does help dilute it further. So it’s value for money I suppose.

Met up with Sarita on Tuesday and we went to Supply & Demand. It’s a really nice place but queuing up was a little bit awkward for me (or maybe us) because the couple in front were very PDA. Nonetheless, we got our tables not long after and ordered Salted Egg Fries and some Morning After Pizza (that had an egg in the middle!)

^case in point about how I don’t take good photos.

Neither food disappointed and the difficult-to-please Sarita was very satisfied with the salted egg fries. We initially were gonna get garlic truffle fries. But I have yet to acquire that truffle taste. It still tastes like unpleasant Petrol to me (of course I am operating under the assumption that when I’ve acquired the taste, it would be pleasant Petrol). We then went to naiise and it has the nicest things. Really no pun intended and I saw the big curry puff cushion and of course me being me, I wanted to get it. I just didn’t like the red dot it had in the front.

After this we went to get some Bingsu and Sarita said it would be life changing. Upon eating it, it wasn’t life changing but it was so light that I felt like I hadn’t eaten any dessert at all. Of course this would be dangerous because you might just get fat and not realise it at all. However, I started thinking of the bingsu the following day and today. Is this what Sarita meant? That it creeps into your life and you realise it when it is too late? Gosh. That’s really dangerous. Overall, I loved my time spent with Sarita because she’s fun but also I had a bit of freedom when I went on the MRT by myself (though I was dropped off at the station. Heh.)

Here’s to great days ahead. I think it all is in my mind and I have to decide that I will have a good day ahead and I will make the most of my day. Like me going swimming later with all the strangers. But new things everyday right?


Also gotta make use of that Jacuzzi life. It’s going to be fine. I could also go at night so that’s great. I just wish that Joy would be here with me but I’m going to make her proud and swim like I said I would.

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